How to Access Calculators on Mac OSX ?

Accessing Mac Calculator

Mac Calculator application may seem somewhat limited, at first glance, but in fact there are two other modes in the application; a very complete scientific calculator, and a programmer of the calculator too.

Access to alternative OS X calculator is very easy, but like many other interesting features of the Calculator application, it is very easy to forget or simply not imagine being there.
Here’s all you need to do to change operating modes on the Mac:

Open the Calculator application in / Applications /, Focus, or Launchpad
Pull down the “View” and select the “scientific” menu or “programmer”
Alternative access Mac OS X calculators

the application of the calculator will transform the moment that chose the alternative calculator.

The programmer calculator works with hexadecimal, decimal, binary, ASCII, Unicode, and supports scientific notation of constant scientific calculator, exponential, logarithmic, exponents, fractions, roots, and all you can expect.

This is what the Mac OS X calculator programmer looks like this:

Mac OS X calculator programmer

And here is what the scientific calculator for Mac OS X looks like this:

scientific calculator for Mac OS X

RPN calculator mode is accessed by pressing Command + R or activation of the View menu.

Both the calculator and paper tape talking work with calculators and replacement, which can be useful to keep track of the data you are working.

Furthermore, you can copy (paste) anything from the application of the calculator on OS X as well, both calculator and paper tape. For example, pi: 3.141592653589793

Keyboard shortcuts for switching the OS X calculators
Once you are in the Calculator application, you can instantly switch between any of the three calculators available with simple keystrokes:

Command + 1 to set the calculator
Command + 2 for Scientific Calculator
Command + 3 for the programmer calculator
If for any reason you need to access two different calculator, at the same time, you will need to run another instance of the same application of the calculator and change the type of calculator in the new or old to reflect that.